Halloween is upon us, and we have all the tricks, treats, and traps you could hope for. Whatever your mood this hallow’s eve, we’ve got the goods to get you turned up and tuned in to some spooky good music.
Head to our Halloween page now to check out all of our Halloween playlists, but for now here’s a run down of some of our favorites:
1. Monster Mash(ups): The ultimate collection of Halloween mashups, this playlist is sure to kick your weekend off in the chillest, ills way possible.
2. Trick Or Treat At The Trap House: Ain’t no tricks at the Trap House. Help yourself to a playlist so stacked it’s scary.
3. This Is Halloween:  When EDM meets Halloween, only the freshest vibes can rise from the grave.
4. Liq-or Treat: Beer before liquor, and you’ll never see a sicker Halloween party.
5. I’m A Mouse DUH: A slight break from the all Halloween mashups list, this is the perfect set list for your Halloween bash. Plus, that weird girl that hangs out with Regina might show up.
6. Spooked: This playlist takes things to the next level, bringing the ultimate spooky vibe. So go ahead and trick or treat alone. We dare you.
7. Monster Mania: This musical monster is enough to get your bones rattling and ass shaking.
8. Trick or Beats: This Halloween, give a bitch a spooky beat. Bitches love spooky beats.
9. Slutty Pumpkin: This playlist has the perfect combination of Halloween remixes and songs you can get straight up slutty to.
10. Trillerneed we say more?
Take all this Halloween madness with you this weekend by downloading our free app.

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