Winter break is right around the corner which means cramming season is in full session. Here are five artists that will make studying a little more bearable:

1. Vitamin String Quartet

With classical covers of everything from the Black Keys to Michael Jackson, Vitaming String Quartet is a great option if you need to study but also have to listen to “Don’t Stop Believing” just one more time:

2. Evan Duffy

Evan Duffy composes and performs piano covers of popular electronic songs like “Clarity” and indie songs like “Skinny Love” perfect for focusing during long study sessions:

3. Above & Beyond

Above & Beyond create the perfect mix of chill trance and uptempo dance music to make for the ideal soundtrack for an all-nighter:

4. Explosions in the Sky

This post-rock band from Austin, Texas are well known for doing the theme song for Friday Night Lights. With six albums worth of chill instrumental music they make a good option for any type of studying:

5. Arty

When Russian producer Arty isn’t getting ripped off by he’s producing progressive trance beats perfect for the home stretch of an all-nighter:

BONUS: Skrillex

For when you just don’t give a fuck anymore, about good grades or what other people think about you

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