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90s Summertime Jams Remixed
The Weekend Edition
5 Summertime Artists to Watch
Sam Hunt's "Leave The Night On" Playlist
It's Friday so here are some songs that will be perfect for your weekend... every step of the way.
Sam Hunt, one of the hottest up and coming country artists on the Nashville music scene, hooked us up with some of his personal favorite summertime party tracks. good for pregaming, late night, or just chilling on a summer afternoon.
Since you've already heard "Fancy" a million times this summer we put together the 10 best remixes from around the web to make sure you don't get too sick of your girlfriend playing it over and over
Scott Melker is known for putting out some of the sickest and most technically skillful mashups around (if you've never heard him here's what I'm talking about) and he's been kind enough to grace us with his god-like mashup skills for an exclusive summer themed mix.
Vol. 3 of our exclusive Blue Label mixtape series is here, mixed by acquaintance. Listen on our free apps for iPhone and Android and checkout the full tracklist after the jump.

Vol. 2 of our exclusive Blue Label mixtape series is here, mixed courtesy of our boy Trademark. Listen on our free apps for iPhone and Android
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Introducing "FratMusic Blue Label," our new exclusive mixtape series. We'll be bringing you a new up and coming artist for every new Blue Label episode to serve up a top of the line hour-long mix. Vol. 1 is brought to you courtesy of our boy Elephante.
With a mix of chill hip-hop with indie acoustic inspired beats, Vineyard Rhymes is the perfect playlist for a Vineyard pregame or just chilling near the beach. Preview it below and listen to the full playlist on our free apps for iPhone and Android:

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Summertime Sax
By: FratMusic
Score: 39
Vibe to this (Updated)
By: LoveCrowsa
Score: 120
Betches Love Bass
By: Sally Hurst
Score: 19
Frat Beats to Dage To
By: Carlos Danger
Score: 25
Chillin at the Pregame
By: TheFSCscholar
Score: 18
Welcome to Cali
By: D.Le
Score: 451
Bass by the Beach
By: Sally Hurst
Score: 9
Your Party Is Our Pregame
By: FratMusic
Score: 320
Leave The Night On
By: FratMusic
Score: 21
Winesday Classics
By: Hannah
Score: 5
Vineyard Rhymes
By: FratMusic
Score: 219
Summertime Madness
By: rslyski
Score: 12
Feel Right
By: FratMusic
Score: 31
90s Rap Nonsense
By: Carlos Danger
Score: 6
Get Ratchet
By: FratMusic
Score: 106
Summer 2014 Vibes
By: Nick Lopes
Score: 4
Drink To That All Night
By: FratMusic
Score: 36
Chill Pill
By: FratMusic
Score: 107
Mash Up For What
By: FratMusic
Score: 53
'MERICA Mashups
By: FratMusic
Score: 43